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Center for Economic Research and Competition Strategy - KOPES

 is a non-partisan, non-profit, research, advisory and training services center that was established in Athens in 1994. It operates as a network of researchers and academics and it has extensive experience in Applied Microeconomic research and consultancy.

KOPES' creation was motivated mainly by two considerations:
  The need to establish a Greek research center of excellence in Applied Microeconomics. 
 The need to create a solution-oriented advisory center for top-level microeconomic policy advice and dissemination activities.

Since its inception KOPES operates as a network of researchers and micro-economic policy advisers bringing together a large number of top ranking experts from the academic and broader scientific communities of Greece and other European countries. KOPES’ research and advisory activities are driven by and aim to give best dynamic solutions to, specific economic and social problems facing policy-makers in governments, the European Commission or large public and private organizations.                                  
 Latest Projects

Organization of the annual Conference, Summer School, Lawyers Course and Advanced Short Courses of CRESSE.

1. "Construction of Competition Policy Indexes for EBRD Countries of Operation to Support the Bank Policy Dialogue" (2018 – 2020). Principal Investigators: Prof. Yannis Katsoulacos and Prof Frederic Jenny

2. "Capacity Building for the Serbian Commission for the Protection of Competition and the Creation of a Regional Forum of Competition" (2018 – 2020). Team Leader Yannis Katsoulacos. Investigators: Joe Harrington, Boris Begovic, Russell Pittman

3. The Role of Economic Analysis and identification of legal standards in Competition Law enforcement.

The role of the judicial review in Competition Law enforcemen.

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