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Scope – Objectives – Main Activities – Members
KOPES is a non-partisan, non-profit, research, advisory and training services center that was established in Athens in 1994. Its creation was initiated by Yannis Katsoulacos (Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business) following discussions with a number of other academics and researchers in Greece and other European countries.

He was motivated mainly by two considerations:

  • The need to establish a Greek research center of excellence in Applied Microeconomics.
  • The need to create a solution-oriented advisory center for top-level microeconomic policy advice and dissemination activities.
Since its inception KOPES operates as a network of researchers and micro-economic policy advisers bringing together a large number of top ranking experts from the academic and broader scientific communities of Greece and other European countries. KOPES’ research and advisory activities are driven by and aim to give best dynamic solutions to, specific economic and social problems facing policy-makers in governments, the European Commission or large public and private organizations.

The principal research and advisory areas of KOPES are:
  1. Competition Economics and Policy;
  2. Regulatory Economics;
  3. Economics of Organizations;
  4. R&D and Innovation Policy;
  5. Technology Assessment and Evaluation;
  6. Environmental and Resource Economics and Policy.
Since 2017 KOPES has also become responsible for the management and organization of the Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference (CRESSE –, one of the foremost training and conference events worldwide in the area of Competition Policy and Regulation. The established Scientific Committee (SC) is the Center’s body that decides for all its scientific, educational and research activities including the organization of conferences, workshops, seminars, summer or other schools, the publication of books, magazines or research / advisory studies. It consists of: 

  • Mr. Joseph Harrington, Prof at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Mr. Yannis Katsoulacos, Prof at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece, that acts as Chairman of the Scientific Committee.
  • Mr. Pierre Regibeau, Vice President of Charles River Associates, London.
  • Mr. Patrick Rey, Prof at the Toulouse School of Economics in Toulouse, France.
  • Mr. Thomas Ross, Prof at the University of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Mr. David Ulph, Prof at St. Andrews University, Scotland.
The international scientific Advisory Board (AB) of CRESSE consists of:
  • Prof Frederic Jenny (ESSEC Business School, Paris);
  • Prof William Kovacic (George Washington University Law School);
  • Prof Aviv Nevo (Wharton School, University of Penn);
  • Prof Howard Shelansky, Georgetown University).
The members of the SC and the AB and the network of the CRESSE Research Fellows constitute the main pool of internationally renowned researchers active in the economics of competition and regulation from which support can be drawn for undertaking research and advisory activities. 

The status of CRESSE as one of the foremost conferences in Competition Policy and Regulation in the world is confirmed by the fact that the 3 leading scientific journals in the area have been collaborating with CRESSE since 2009 in the publication of Special Issues in Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation (Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization and Review of Industrial Organization). Four volumes of proceedings with selected articles have also been published already (CRESSE Special Issues and Volumes).  

KOPES has been forming collaborations since its inception with a number of research institutes, Universities and other organizations in Europe (like Catholic University of Lisbon [Lisbon], Center for Economic Policy Research [London], Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education [Prague], Fraunhofer Institut Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung [Karlsruhe], Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei [Milan], Institute of Fiscal Studies [London], Step Group [Oslo], University College London [London], Higher School of Economics [Moscow]).

KOPES has been involved, since its inception, in many cases as the coordinating partner, in a very large number (over 50) research, training and advisory projects in its main areas of activity. These are detailed below. The main funding institutions of the projects have been the EC, World Bank, EBRD, the ESRC (UK), Greek Ministries, the Hellenic Competition Authority, Regulatory Authorities for Telecommunications and Energy and large organizations. 

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